Nogales Cliff House (NCH) is situated in an alcove formed by sandstone cliffs. This well-preserved ruin is a structure that was probably built around 1,000 A.D. by a Pueblo Indian Group specific to this area called the Gallina (guy-ee-nah) anasazi. It was abandoned some time in the 1,200’s. 

The Gallina were not a part of, and were isolated from, other, more advanced pueblo cultures like those at Mesa Verde and Chaco. Perhaps because of this isolation, they lasted longer. 

NCH had some 30 rooms for living and storage built in two levels. The bottom level here has eroded away, but knowing it was here answers the one, big question of visitors, “How the heck did they get up there?” 

Please leave this site the way you found it. Do not take away anything from or vandalize this site. For more information about the Gallina Culture in this area, contact the Cuba Visitor Center or United States Forest Service in Cuba at the corner of Highway 550 and County Road 11 (south end of Cuba)